Saturday, October 13, 2012

Miami Heat vs L.A. Clippers - Shanghai Preseason game

Heat starting lineup:

[ 1 ] Norris Cole
[ 2 ] Dwyane Wade
[ 3 ] LeBron James
[ 4 ] Shane Battier
[ 5 ] Chris Bosh

View Big 3:

Dwyane Wade: Starts the game off well, with opportunity to finish a lob from LeBron with a 2 hand slam early in the first quarter in transition and another dunk shortly after. Still showing some offensive rust though.

LeBron James: A relatively slow start for LeBron mainly facilitating the offense in the first quarter.

Chris Bosh: Scored the first 4 Miami points in good positioning, but missed his first 3 point attempt with an air ball.

View New All stars:

Ray Allen: First sub off the bench along with Mickell Gladness.

Rashard Lewis: 

View others:

Norris Cole: Has been showing improvement over the off season starting in place of Mario Chalmers while he sits.


First game of this preseason that Chris Paul is back from thumb surgery for the Clippers.

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