Friday, December 21, 2012

Miami Heat On Track so far ? 2/3

Continuing my tracking of this small 3 game stretch for the Heat leading into the Christmas day Oklahoma City Thunder game, the Heat have now defeated the Dallas Mavericks.

The score was only a small indicator of the disparity in this one. The game ended at 110-95 for Miami but the game was well over before this point. Coming into the fourth the score was 91-61 and a Dirk-less Mavs didn't have the firepower to make a real comeback in this one with Wade and James sitting all of the fourth.


The offense looked good with Miami scoring at 53.8% from the field in the game whilst managing 25 assists on 42 made field goals, which is on track with the performance at the Timberwolves game. They won the rebound battle in this one, although still giving up 13 offensive rebounds and 18 turnovers, it was all a non factor. The 3 point defense was lopsided with the heat making 10-28 versus the 3-22 by Dallas (13.6%).

Once again, the 3 headed dragon of Wade, James and Bosh were very efficient going 60% from the field shooting 24-40 from the field collectively with each player playing 26, 31 and 35 minutes respectively. This is always the primary piece for the formula for the Heat's success.

The Call

This one was a very winnable one for the Heat and with that they move to 17-6 on the season and puts me at 2/2 so far for the 3 pre-christmas games called as mentioned in previous posts.

Next game. Utah Jazz. I still keep the call and have the heat on a 3 game winning streak heading into the christmas game at OKC. This one could be a close one with the Heat playing at home and Utah with no real stars in the lineup - which has been a dangerous scenario (surprisingly) for the defending champs. After the Jazz game I'll make the call on the Thunder game and see how things go.

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