Monday, December 24, 2012

Miami Heat On Track So Far? Calling the Christmas Day G

Following my post where I called the 3 games leading into the Christmas day game against the Oklahoma City Thunder I've got 3/3 correct so far. This call will be a little harder as I expressed in the previous post. To recap: at that point the two scenarios I saw was a Heat win by 8-15 points and if the Heat haven't separated themselves from OKC by the last 5 minutes then they will likely lose the game.

The Heat will be playing on the road against the number one team in the league to this point. The Heat thus far are only 5-4 in games on the road and winning a road game of this magnitude will be a statement game showing that the Heat team are once again a good road team (as they were in the previous two seasons).

The Call

This finals matchup  will be an exciting one either way but I'm calling a Heat W in this one. Both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook will be a handful without a doubt, but I feel the position-less offense the Miami Heat run, matches well against the Thunder's defense. Head to head matchup of KD vs Lebron and Westbrook vs Wade will be intriguing throughout. The X-factors will play a big difference in this one and whichever teams bench/shooters are performing better will dictate the flow of the game. - Not necessarily the result as this falls onto a combination of the superstars and shooters for both teams.

We'll follow up after the game and see how I am on calling the season after this point. Merry Christmas!

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